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Angela Gonzalez

Angela Gonzalez specializes in humanizing the workplace. Her warmth, insight and experience combine to provide a unique view of what the workplace could and should be. As a manager and executive business coach, Angela’s ability to connect with people on a very real and meaningful level has been her greatest asset. As a speaker and teacher, she uses a very approachable style to help others gain insight that leads to action and results. To contact Angela and find out more, click here.


Rick Cronen

Rick Cronen is a Cultural Strategist, who specializes in building employee engagement by eliminating the whitespace that prevents people from connecting with their work, their organization and each other in a meaningful way. As a speaker, he reflects his enthusiasm for a future that embraces a workplace where people are valued, membership is desired over mere employment, ethical practices are demanded and where work and life do not collide. To contact Rick and find out more, click here.