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Meridian Diagnostic Products

Choices - Awareness - ActionDirected energy creates deep change. Directed energy is the ability to take ACTION based upon informed CHOICES. And informed choices are possible only when they are the result of a clarity that emerges from AWARENESS.

Meridian Coaching & Consulting has a well established reputation for helping clients achieve clarity and insight that allows them to make informed decisions and achieve the results they desire. An integral aspect of our professional services is the ability to reveal and apply the knowledge that comes from awareness. Click on an assessment to learn more.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI): The (MBTI) is a self-report questionnaire designed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers to help people understand their preferential ways of thinking. Individuals take in and process information in different ways and this instrument is designed to help people understand those differences. These differences are often a source of misunderstanding and miscommunication. At work, this results in ineffectiveness and lack of productivity. Yet, if we understand our differences and appreciate both our own gifts and the gifts of those different from us, we can enhance the success of our own work and that of our team.

MBTI – Level One: The Level One Assessment provides you with a one page “Profile” and a five page “Interpretive Report”. The Level One provides you with a summary of your “type”, explanations of the various preferences, characteristics associated with the type and an easy to read graph displaying the clarity preference indicator. In addition, you will receive an Interpretive Report that provides you with an extensive description of ‘your four-letter type’. The report will provide additional details regarding the patterns that make your type unique. Your report is presented to you in a one hour facilitated meeting with a certified MBTI coach to ensure that you understand and can apply the results. You will also receive a free copy of the booklet, Introduction to Type.

MBTI – Level Two: The Level Two Assessment provides you with a four page “graphical” representation of your type and the sub-scales associated with your type. The sub-scales are those facets that, when combined, create your type. The report concludes with an interpretive summary and a statistical range of the scores of individuals who have the same type preferences. You will also receive an “Interpretive Report” which is a highly personalized narrative and graphic report that further enables you to understand and apply the results of your assessment. Each type is explained in terms of the five “facets” that help define each of the four ‘type preferences’. The results are further explained in reference to your approach to communication, change management, decision making and conflict management. Your report is presented to you in a one hour facilitated meeting with a certified MBTI coach to ensure that you understand and can apply the results. You will also receive a free copy of the booklet, Introduction to Type.


Foundations 360: The heigth of your achievements depends upon the strength of your reputation. Someone once said that our reputation is in the hands of others. What they were referring to, of course, is the fact that people very often respond and react to us based upon their own perceptions of who they think we are. “FOUNDATIONS” helps you collect and analyze that information.

  • FOUNDATIONS is an easy to use, web-based tool
  • It Measures ten observable day-to-day behaviors in six categories that will determine your collaborative capability
  • FOUNDATIONS gives you the ability to manage the entire process from your computer
  • It comes with an “Interpretive Guide” and a one-to-one Coaching Session, to help you understand the results and take action

Essential Connections is a self-administered and self-tabulated assessment that sorts your workstyle/preferences for how you like to engage with your environment and the people around you in the workplace.  Knowing your workstyle enables you to grow and experience professional success and deep personal satisfaction.  It is also benefits teams, business units and organizations in gaining insight into how the interpersonal workstyle behaviors of individuals affect each other, especially when their workstyles vary, and how that affects business results.

    • Increase self-awareness
    • Work successfully with others
    • Identify your strengths & gifts
    • Identify hidden biases and blind-spots            
    • Confirm self-perception
    • Flex your behavior to the
      situation or person
    • Appreciate the differences in others
    • Recognition of when pushing too hard is holding you back

Facilitator Guide for Essential Connections This guide takes you step-by-step in leading small or large groups through a series of exercises that illustrate individual and team workstyle behaviors, which affects business results for better or worse. With this guide, you are given in-depth instructions and examples on how to prepare, lead and debrief each exercise, starting with: setting the stage around the purpose and value of the assessment results; administering the assessment; validating the results; leading exercises for interpreting individual and team workstyles; and conducting follow-on exercises for individual and team development. Each exercise is timed, and you can add or subtract exercises based on the needs of your group. These teambuilding and communication exercises have been used with great success by the UC Davis Medical Center, Alzheimer’s Association, University of Phoenix Graduate Business Programs, Fenwick & West, Shasta Community College, and many more.

Framework: The American workplace is rapidly changing and competition for customers and resources is becoming more intense. Organizations typically respond with new programs, initiatives, leaders, new staff-technology, or all of the above in a blind attempt to make things better. Yet all too frequently these initiatives fail before they can begin.

Without some understanding of the underlying assumptions, beliefs and values that guide the actions of people in your organization, your ability to transform, redirect or stimulate are like rolling the dice - sometimes you win but the odds are against you.

By understanding the nature of the culture into which change is introduced, you increase the chances that you will find the right key to unlocking a more sustainable and stable future. Success increases the satisfaction of all stakeholders, builds pride, and expands confidence.

Workbench: Successful organizations understand the importance of generating employee input to support their efforts to create the high-performance organization they envision. Employee surveys can provide:

  • A systematic assessment of employee perceptions of the health of the organization
  • Identify opportunities for functioning more effectively
  • Identify barriers to implementing change initiatives
  • Generate greater involvement in and support for change initiatives
  • Target specific plans and actions for implementing improvement initiatives throughout the organization

The Workbench survey is used to generate employee input in a wide range of organizational initiatives. It is the cornerstone of a three-part methodology that measures the readiness of an organization for change and can identify work culture impediments to the full achievement of business objectives. The process involves Surveying, Assessment Feedback, and Management Action Planning.

It is often said that “our employees are our greatest asset”. This is a true statement; but, the value of that asset is directly related to the degree of employee satisfaction and engagement. Workbench is a fully customizable organizational ‘climate assessment’ tool that gives you versatility in your efforts to uncover opportunities for improvement.

Insight: Insight is a tool for use with your Internal Customers to help you pinpoint those actions you can and should be taking to delight those who hold your reputation in their hands. Insight can be purchased as a “do it yourself” application, complete with interview guide and data collection tools or you can buy it as part of a Consultive process designed to identify opportunities and execute for results.