“Gratitude will help you focus on the present. Fear focuses you on the future and anger focuses you on the past. By staying focused on this moment, you are in charge.”
Rick & Angela

COACHING: The success of your business depends on the best ideas and efforts of your people.

Would you like your employees to care as much about your business as you do? Employee engagement is the answer.

Meridian Coaching & Consulting was founded in 1995 in order to help people and organizations challenge their old assumptions about how work should be organized and managed. Because once you truly see the impact of your assumptions, you can begin to imagine new possibilities.

My name is Rick Cronen and I will help you develop, align and integrate your people, processes, and systems of governance, so that everyone has a greater opportunity to contribute to the organization’s goals in a meaningful way. I can help you build participative work environments that encourage innovation, build flexibility, and promote sustained growth through a culture of collaboration and engagement.


I am a ‘Cultural Strategist’, with more than 30 years experience as a senior executive and trusted advisor.  I specialize in building employee engagement by eliminating the whitespace that prevents people from connecting with their work, their organization and each other in a meaningful way.  I use collaborative intelligence to help my clients:


  • Create systems of support that replace systems of governance
  • Create accountability that comes from a sense of “want to” rather than “have to”
  • Create profit with purpose

"My clients are fully committed to creating work environments where people are valued, membership is desired over mere employment, where work and ethical practices are demanded on the job and in their relationships with others and where work and life do not collide." Rick Cronen

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You can contact Rick at (925) 258-0304 or rick@MeridianCandC.com or use the Google Call Widget below.