“The future ain't what it used to be.”
Yoggi Berra

COACHING: The success of your business depends on the best ideas and efforts of your people.

It’s not easy to master the skills and ways of leadership. After all, leading others is complex.

It may be one of the most challenging things you'll ever do.

While the path of a leader is not an easy one, it does not have to be taken alone, especially while trying to navigate a workplace that is ever changing and challenging.

Learn to lead with ease. The journey starts with being a leader in your own life, with much of your leadership emerging from the inside out.

As your coach, I partner with you to discover and be crystal clear about what's important to you, what wounds you and paralyzes you, and what makes your heart sing and what let's you sleep at night like a baby. When you have this profound knowledge, it's the difference between surviving and thriving.

Choosing to thrive creates an inner confidence and an outward credibility with others. Thriving is leading from the inside out. It's knowing that what you're thinking and feeling shows up with others in productive and successful ways. Feel at ease in the world, despite the setbacks, because you know how to get yourself back on-track.

My clients call me their inner game coach; I partner with them to create a laser focus on what's most essential for being the leader that people naturally trust and want to follow. 
Results for You -- Lead with Ease:

  • Enhanced influence, credibility and leadership presence.
  • Alignment in leading with your intellect, compassion and wisdom.
  • 24/7 self-management, especially in difficult situations.
  • Willingness to respond with transparency and mindfulness.
  • The ability to foster trust with others and sustain healthy business relationships.

Results with Others -- People Who:

  • Are accountable for their actions.
  • Shift from the "have to" to the "want to."
  • Are more responsive and collaborative.
  • Act as stewards of the organization.

Results for Your Organization --What it Gains:

  • Leaders that foster interdependence, accountability and self-directed individuals.
  • Increased engagement and retention of vital intellectual capital.
  • A culture of active collaboration, even during the tough periods.
  • A continuous ripple effect from people, to productivity, to profits.

Numbers may drive the bottom line, but people drive the numbers. The successful clients I work with recognize that people deliver results, so they focus on enhancing their emotional intelligence and practicing personal mastery. This ensures their intent matches their impact, and when things go wrong, these leaders know how to get situations and people back on-track, while preserving vital business relationships.

Many of the leaders I coach reside in technology, financial services or healthcare. Regardless of the industry, I coach my clients on modeling interdependent behavior, so they can drive an active culture of collaboration, especially during arduous phases. Working collaboratively is essential, because the collective response determines an organization's results!

About Me -- Angela Gonzalez

With more than 25 years of business experience, this foundation had enabled me to help business leaders deal effectively with the issues, demands, and responsibilities that come with the leadership role. I specialize in leadership development; providing executive assessment, coaching, and training.

As an inner game coach, my clients say I am a pragmatic, while being compassionate; holding them acountable, while being supportive in helping them achieve their desired results. Through my expert assessment talent and wisdom, I help my clients develop a laser focus on what’s most essential for  their leadership growth and maturity. Working collaboratively with my clients, the focus is on helping them develop from the inside out, to reap the benefits of tremendous professional success and enjoy deep personal satisfaction.

As an accomplished speaker and retreat leader, I bring business insight, humor and deep expertise to my audiences. I also lead seminars in a wide variety of business topics that focus on bringing out the best in each leader and the people they work with; along with creating work environments that promote authentic engagement and goal achievement.

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You can contact Angela C. Gonzalez at (925) 528-9069 or angela@meridiancoaches.com