“Make the most of this moment right now. Do the same with the next moment and the next and before you know it you will have achieved a lifetime of success and happiness.”
Rick & Angela

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Most businesses operate from the belief that numbers drive the bottom line. However, the forgotten truth is that people drive the numbers. You see, the business environment has changed. People want more from their work than just trading time for a regular paycheck.

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Invest in your greatest assets for positive change

It’s time to invest in the assets that pay the biggest dividends — yourself, your relationships, and your culture. This is the “soft” stuff that really does deliver the numbers you need and the results you want.

Meridian Coaching & Consulting works with your organization to create a culture of inclusion and collaboration that builds a feeling of community. At the same time, we work with individuals within the organization to help them create, share, and collaborate — rather than compete — with each other. So that people learn to get the work done, while preserving vital business relationships.

We help you create an environment that enables your people to develop an inner confidence and self-motivation. And we help everybody see how things can — and will — work in new ways.

We take an integrated approach.

To do this, we focus on the three building blocks of any organization — your people, their relationships, and the community that is your organization. Working on all three simultaneously is a transformative process that takes helps everybody see their own role in making the organization work better, smarter, and in ways that allow everyone to grow.

On an organizational (or community) level, we work to create a culture of inclusion and collaboration. This builds that feeling of community, and gets everybody working towards a common purpose.

At the same time, we work with individuals within your organization to help them recognize their own individual talents so they can bring their best to the table, each and every time. We help them understand that it’s what you say and don’t say, do and don’t do that defines each relationship.

To begin changing your business into a sustainable, highly motivated, transformative organization, contact Meridian Coaching & Consulting today.

Angela Gonzalez brings over 25 years of management and consulting experience to business leaders, helping them deal effectively with the issues, demands and responsibilities that come with the role.  She specializes in leadership development: executive coaching, assessment and training.  Angela excels in enabling her clients to see things in new ways and translate those insights into action.  As a speaker, trainer and retreat leader, she brings humor, energy, wisdom and experience to a wide range of audiences. Her clients include Levi Strauss, Cisco, Time Warner Cable, Alzheimer’s Association, US Air Force, and AT&T.  Angela is a past president, conference chair and has served on the National Board of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association.
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Rick Cronen is a founding partner of Meridian Consulting, Inc., and a trusted advisor to leaders, helping them to manage the present and anticipate the future.  Rick brings your organization over 30 years of experience as a change specialist, chief executive, and business consultant.  He holds a B.S. in Sociology, a Juris Doctorate degree and is a Certified Mediator.  His clients have included FedEx Freight, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Defense Logistics Agency and various Command units within the U.S. Air Force.  Rick is a member of the Organization Design Forum and the Institute of Management Consultants.
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